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Phra Borommathat Nakhon Si Thammarat



Phra Borommathat Nakhon Si Thammarat


The Phra Mahathat or Boromathat chedi of Nakorn Sri Thammarat (Ligor) was first built in 555 AD. during the reign of King Sri Thammasokarat according to the traditional history. He is also said to have founded the city at the same time. It is widely believed that the chedi contains a true relic of the Lord Buddha as a consequence of its early foundation.
The golden spire tapering skywards is the mark of the Langkavamsa school of architecture from Sri Lanka. The bell element is an upturned bowl over a high square base. There is a fenced-in ambulatory around the chedi. Smaller chedi or stupa stand in the four corners. They have Buddha images in their niches. Above the bell element and the square throne pedestal above it, is a second, but fictive, ambulatory around which can be made out relief images of eight monk disciples aligned to the axis and comers. The spire proper begins first with a series of diminishing torus mouldings ascending to the double lotus in natural relief and then higher still to the final smooth segment, like a plantain flower, which is covered with gold sheets. At the very top is a spherical “dew-drop”. 
In the Ayudhya period Nakom, or Ligor, was the seat of a powerful king whose actual title was Phraya, roughly equivalent to vice-regal governor. He ruled over twelve lesser fifedoms whose badges were the twelve animals of the Chinese year cycle. Ligor has long been famous for its nielloware, the finest produced in Thailand. The craft of nielloware still flourishes in Ligor today. 
How can you  travel to Nakorn Sri Thammarat
you can travel by bus,train and plane. every day from Bangkok.
Nakhon si Thammarat is in the  south of Thailand.The distance is about 800 kilometers.it takes 12 hours by car.

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